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ROOT!T Rooting Gel is a highly efficient planting aid which stimulates the root development of cuttings. With its unique formula ROOT!T Rooting Gel works synergetic with the propagation substrate and leads to a healthy and fast root growth. The moisture stays longer in the substrate, therefore the active parts of the gel can be released over a longer time period. ROOT!T Rooting Gel seals the fresh cut and protects the cutting from drying-out and possible infections.

Made in England.


  • Content: 150 ml
  • Leads to strong and fast root growth
  • Protects the cutting from drying-out and infections

Dunk the freshly cutted cutting 1-2cm deep into ROOT!T Rooting Gel and then place it immediately into the moist substrate like e.g. a rockwool block.

ROOT IT Rooting Gel 150 ml


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