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Diamond Density rapid flower & hardener pack on weight and speeds up the onset of flowering. From the Australian shores, this hybrid of OG Rapid and Rox, is a powerful flowering stimulant that can be used to:

- Force a rapid onset of flowering when used in week 1 of the flowering cycle

- Increase weight and density when used in weeks 6-7 of the flowering cycle

- ..or both!

Diamond Density is a combination of precisely targeted hormonal triggers that increase flowering sites and overall harvest weight. Diamond Density employs the latest in plant hormone technology, bonding essential pyltochemical triggers with a carrier. This allows us to control the hormonal response with great accuracy which in turn allows us to limit quality degradation whilst pushing extreme weight gain. Use Diamond Density to increase your yield without increasing light or plant sites.

Directions of use:

Coco/Soil/Potting Mix

When plants reach the required height treat with Diamond Density at 1-2ml/L with every feed for 7 days. For a hardening effect use Diamond Density for the last 7 days before flushing at 1-2ml/L.


When plants reach the required height treat with Diamond Density at 1-2ml/l for 7 days. To induce a hardening effect, dose again at 1-2ml/L for week 6/7.

General Usage Tip:

In run to waste systems ensure 20%-30% run off at each feed. Adequate runoff flushes old nutrients out of your growing medium, allowing new plant-available ones to take their place. Diamond Density induces aggressive flowering. This feeding technique helps ensure your plant has the best nutrients available to support this development.

Diamond Density Rapid Flower and Hardener