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WT Nutrients brings high quality ingredients to your plants. In this fertilizer, there is a mixture of primary and secondary nutrients. It gives your plants the planting foundation they need to achieve maximum yield. Suitable for beginners, 3-part fertilizer, GROW MICRO BLOOM, can be used from seeding to making leaves until the beginning of flowering and harvesting. Complete in three bottles. WT Nutrients uses high quality imported humic acids. The finest minerals and chelates are used to ensure product consistency and pH balance. Humic acids are macromolecular organic compounds prevalent in nature, having the function of increasing fertilizer efficiency, improving soil, stimulating plant growth and improving the quality of agricultural products. It can release and dissociate metal ions in the water, which is conducive to the transfer of nutrients to crops, and it can also improve soil structure conducive to plant growth. Can be used in soil as well as hydroponics and hydroponics.

WT Micro Grow Bloom Set 1L


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