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WT Rootmate is a supplemental fertilizer designed specifically for seedlings and seedlings. composition of various fertilizers And including algae extract is a sufficient source of nutrients for young plants and seedlings. Seaweed can help stimulate root growth and development. Because seaweed contains natural plant hormones such as auxin that can stimulate root growth and branching. Increased root development can help plants better absorb water and nutrients. As a result, the overall plant is stronger. In addition to supporting root growth, Algae can also help improve the overall stress tolerance of cannabis plants. Seaweed contains several antioxidants and plant hormones that can help plants better cope with environmental stressors such as drought or extreme heat. This can result in stronger plants with the ability to resist disease and pests. Algae can also help improve the overall nutrient uptake of the hemp plant. Contains minerals and trace elements such as potassium, magnesium and zinc, which can help support healthy plant growth and development. Better nutrient uptake can result in stronger, healthier plants. With greater productivity and higher quality flowers, WT Rootmate can be applied to cuttings, cuttings and young plants and can also be applied during the 1-2 week of flowering. This type of fertilizer can be used on a wide variety of trees. If anyone is looking for a highly effective root booster, this is the one for you. WT RootMate is a single nutrients designed particularly for seedlings and young plants. Our proprietary macro-element, medium-element and microelement mixtures and seaweed ingredients provide. your plants with the base nutrients they need in the seedling stage. WT RootMate is suitable for cuttings and seedlings and the first one to two weeks of the flowering stage.

WT Rootmate 1L


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